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Billings, Montana 8-10 November 2012

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Billings, Montana 8-10 November 2012

Postby Coyotehunter » Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:04 pm

Coyotehunter.net will be holding a 2-day coyote hunting tournament in Billings, Montana 8-10 November 2012. Thursday Night Rules meeting: Billings Hotel and Convention Center 1223 Mullowney Lane Billings, Montana 59101 1-800-537-7286 or 406-248-7151 http://www.billingshotel.net Blocks will be handed out Thursday night during the rules meeting, Friday night will be a call in Check in and Saturday will be a 7:00pm Check in at the Billings Hotel. See rules for all details.

Billings Hotel and Convention Center
1223 Mullowney Lane
Billings, Montana 59101
1-800-537-7286 or 406-248-7151

A block of rooms have been set aside for this event.
11/7/12 – 11/11/12 30 Rooms per night 1 King or 2 Queens $79.00

In addition to group rate, there is currently a 7% bed tax, $2.75 energy surcharge and $1 TBID fee. If reservations are to be individually called in and guaranteed with credit card, cut off date to make reservations at discounted group rate is two weeks prior to event.

2012/2013 RULES
1. Entry fee shall be $300 per team. Payback will be as follows: 1st 25%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 15%, 4th 12%, 5th 8%, 6th 6%, 7th 5%, 8th 4%, 9th 3% & 10th 2%. If less than 30 teams register for the hunt we will only be paying out 5 places as follows: 1st 30%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 20%, 4th 15%, & 5th 10%

2. Largest coyote ($15) and smallest coyote ($15) weights will be taken at check in. (100% payback). Cash paid each night for largest and smallest coyote shot that day.

3. Coyotes must be taken at least 50 ft. from any vehicle.

4. N/A

5. Use of a Snowmobile, airplane, helicopter, Para plane, and/or ultra light to locate and/or chase coyotes will not be allowed. Use by either a team or by someone on behalf of a tournament participant will result in immediate removal from the tournament and will be banded from all future tournaments that Coyotehunter.net is associated with.

6. Coyotes can be taken with any center fire cartridge, and/or shotgun.

7. No more than two persons per team. One vehicle only.

8. Core temperatures will be taken from all coyotes at check-in. Coyotes can be disallowed if temperature and time do not match.

9. The night before the tournament blocks will be distributed. A block will be placed in each coyote’s mouth immediately upon retrieval. The block must have the team number and time of day marked clearly on the tag. Bands will be provided to place around the coyote’s mouth (top & bottom) to secure the block. THE BLOCK MUST BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY AND BANDED IN THE COYOTES MOUTH. ANY COYOTE TURNED IN WITHOUT A PROPERLY FILLED OUT BLOCK (SEQUENCE NUMBER, TEMPERATURE, TEAM NUMBER) BANDED IN THE COYOTES MOUTH WILL BE DISALLOWED. Coyotes must be exposed to the outdoors. Coyotes cannot be placed in plastic bags, enclosed boxes, or stored inside a vehicle. This makes it impossible to get consistent core temps if these standards are not followed by everyone. NO EXEPTIONS.

10. We will be picking 5 teams at random by number to be mediators, with 5 additional teams as alternates prior to the start of the tournament. In the case a team with any coyotes that are disqualified during the check-ins, the team/s with the rule infraction will have an opportunity—after check-in on Saturday—to request a review by their peers. The review will be of the facts as they pertain to the coyotes in question. One member of each of the five teams will have a vote, and the majority vote will be the final ruling. The team that requests the review will have to pay an additional $100 upon that request. This $100 will be refunded back in the event the ruling in question is overturned, If the ruling stands, the $100 will be forfeited by the team who requested the review. This is not an opportunity to re-write rules, but an opportunity to an impartial review of the facts. NOTE: Rule 22 is not reviewable, and is only enforceable by the tournament director.

11. All applicable licenses must be in your possession at time of tournament. If you are hunting without a state furbearers license or applicable tribal license, local authorities may be notified and you will be disqualified from the tournament.

12. All entrants must be present and available to answer questions at evening check-ins. All Entrants Must be available upon request to subject themselves to a Polygraph test. _____________ Int. ______________ Int.

13. No live decoys and /or dogs. (No running coyotes with dogs.)

14. No baiting.

15. All ties will be broken by check-in times of 2nd day.

16. Mouth call, hand calls and electronic calls can be used.

17. No pooling of coyotes between teams.

18. Check-in times are strongly enforced and it is the participant’s responsibility to get with a tournament official to log your check-in time. 1st day friday night call in, 2nd day (7:00pm) (Mountain time)

19. You have to locate and call your own coyotes. You cannot have a second team or individual out scouting for you.

20. All coyotes that are checked in will be inspected and will be donated to the tournament. This is to help cover the costs of the event.

21. Calcutta Auction: You can buy your own team for $300. If you do not choose to buy your team prior to the start of the Calcutta, your team will be available for open bidding to be purchased by the highest bidder. Bids start at $25. (90% payback)

22. Sportsmanship. Any team—upon the sole discretion of the tournament director—that shows a lack of consideration for other teams, the rules, or is just being an all-around asshole, will be refunded their entry fee and asked to leave. If it is determined that any team or team member who—in the past—has a history of questionable actions, coyotes, behavior, etc., that is deemed detrimental to the enjoyment of the tournament by others, they will be banned from entering the tournament. No team has an inherent right to hunt tournaments sponsored, promoted or officiated by Coyotehunter.net, and Coyotehunter.net reserves the right to refuse entry to any team or team member who has displayed the above-mentioned unsportsmanship-like behavior.
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Re: Billings, Montana 8-10 November 2012

Postby Coyotehunter » Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:12 pm

Blocks will be passed out at the Thursday night rules meeting. No Friday morning checkin with a Friday night call in. No Saturday morning check in with a full check in Saturday night.
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