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2016 Fessenden Fire Coyote Tournament

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2016 Fessenden Fire Coyote Tournament

Postby dakotamike » Tue Dec 22, 2015 6:44 pm

Annual Fessenden Fire Department Coyote Tournament

February 6, 2016
Fessenden, ND

Entry Fee $70 per two-man team. 66% payback to the top 5 places
Big Dog/Little Dog contests 100% payback

Registration will be 5-6 a.m. at the Bunker, Main St., Fessenden.
Check-in/Weigh-in will be 7 p.m. sharp at the Bunker

All coyotes will be inspected and will be a donation to help cover the costs of the contest.

For more information please contact:

Bruce 701-341-9002
Mike 701-341-7181


1. Entry fee $70per team (66% pay back) 1st place - 35% 2nd place - 25% 3rd - 20% 4th place - 15% 5th place - 5%

2. Largest coyotes ($10) and smallest coyotes ($10) weighs will be taken at check in (100% payback)

3. No Para Planes, ultra lights, airplanes, uavs, drones, helicoptors, ATV's and/or snowmobiles

4. Predators can be taken with any center fire, shotgun, rim fire or bow

5. No more than two people on a team. One vehicle only

6. Core Temps will be taken from all predators at check in. Predators who don't match core temp and time will be disqualified

7. The day of the tournament blocks will be distributed at the morning check in and placed in each coyotes mouth immediately after retrieval. The block must have the team number and time of day marked clearly on the tag. Band will be provided to place around the coyotes upper and lower jaw to secure the book

8. All entrants must be available to answer question at both morning and evening check ins.

9. No live dogs or decoys

10. No bating

11. Mouth call, hand calls, and electronic calls can be used

12. No pooling of animals

13. Check in time strongly enforced. It is the contests responsibility to check - in with tournament official. Check in times are 6:30 am and 7:00 pm

14. You have to locate and call your own predators. You cannot have another team scouting for you

15. All coyotes will be inspected and will be donation to the tournament to help cover the cost of the event

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