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Tubb Precision AR-15 Up-tight grip

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Tubb Precision AR-15 Up-tight grip

Postby Coyotehunter » Thu Apr 02, 2015 5:13 pm


I ordered 2 of these grips, and installed on my DPMS .223 and .204

Fit of these grips was terrible...........had to beat the hell out of the one with a rubber mallet to get on. the second one was not quite as tight but still had to use a mallet. the safety on the AR has a spring and follower that are used to hold the safety in place and the click you feel as the safety goes to the fire position is obtained from the spring tension. the tension is set by the depth the spring drops into the grip. both of these grips had the hole for the spring drilled at two different depths. the one grip allowed for no spring tension so I had a very sloppy feel to the safety, the other minimal tension at best. I cut a piece of #9 Wire and use the bench grinder to get it down to the length I needed, I dropped that piece of wire down the drilled spring hole in the grip then my spring. Works fine now but good grief, for $50 a grip I was not impressed. once on the rifle the grip looks and feels great.





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