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243 85 grain Sierra Gameking BTHP

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243 85 grain Sierra Gameking BTHP

Postby Fallguy » Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:15 am

Has anyone reloaded these?

I am considering them for my Ruger 243 as a deer/coyote combo round.

Let me know what you have discovered with it.
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Re: 243 85 grain Sierra Gameking BTHP

Postby Pilgrim » Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:46 am


My uncle loaded a bunch for my dad's 243 win. They group extremely well--- Gameking is a famously accurate and reliable deer bullet.

Another consideration is Hornady's 85 grain Interbond in .243, which is a tougher bonded bullet w/ similar aerodynamics and bearing surface to Sierra. Bullet probably 2X cost of Gameking per 50, tho. Hornady offers a factory 243 loaded Interbond that goes 3150 fps and $28/ box at Midway.

So far my .240W likes the 87 VMax and 85 Barnes TSX @ 3500 fps, but TSX also spendier. Wish I could provide dead coyote results after the poke I took last week but...

I'm going to test loads for the 85 Interbond this spring and if it shoots well it'll probably be the only thing going down my 240's barrel. Only reason I'd favor the Interbond over the Gameking is it's less likely to come apart on a deer at close range and I'm not too optimistic about TSX's stability at long range.


Re: 243 85 grain Sierra Gameking BTHP

Postby Roane Ranger » Sat Jan 10, 2009 8:33 pm

These are what I shoot in my 243 (Winchester Model 70).
Sierra makes great bullets- I shot them exclusively until a few years ago when the ballistic tip bullets cam out and I have gradually been shifting over on my varmint rifle rounds.
The 85 gr. BTHP are very accurate- groundhog and crows out to 400 yds.
I don't remember what the load was off hand- I have very few left and it is time to get a new batch of powder and start over.
I do remember it was IMR 4895- I'd have to look up the grain weight.
When I find an acdurate load, I load up all of my empties and then shoot until they are gone- it's been a while.
I have loaded 75 gr., 85 gr., 90 gr., 100 gr., and 105 gr. in this round and the rifle likes most of them, but I like the 75 and 85 gr. better for their down range devastation.
I never go over 85 gr. anymore- I don't deer hunt with it now.
I only used 100 gr. on deer.
My dad once shot a 10 pt. buck deer with the 75 gr. HP at about 75 yds.- there wasn't anything solid inside that deer when he opened it up.
Didn't exit the otherside, so I wouldn't go to light with a combo round.

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