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Fur! How long

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Fur! How long

Postby Tim Anderson » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:12 pm

How long is the fur marketable? Depends on demand, where you live and the conditions on the ground.
On avr. for my area I'd say around March 15th if I have snow most of the winter. Coyotes living in heavy cover or brushy areas with very little snow will rub sooner on the shoulders and flanks and no its not a breeding thing and has nothing to do with fur conditions. Example you trap or shoot a coyote that's been living and hunting in the tall clover/brush it will show more wear than a coyote that spends most of its time up on the open high ground.
On ground with snow you will see more wear if the temps go up and down a lot at the shoulder as well as the rump as that's the part of the coyote that has contact with the ground. A coyote beds in the snow and some of it melts around it and then at night when temp.s go down or a wind picks up the underside fur will freeze to the crusted snow its now bedded in and when it gets up it breaks off some of the guard hairs and gets worse as season goes by.
A rule of thumb I always go by is take a good look at some of the coyotes you put up earlier and then take a good look at ones put up later and then ask yourself would you make a blanket out of them? That's when you stop.

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