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cool knife

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cool knife

Postby devildogg » Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:21 pm

My dad asked me what i wanted for christmas last winter and i told him a havalon piranta knife. i havent skined any coyotes with it yet but i skinned a couple deer and used another guys a couple years ago to skin a hog and javelina. they take a replaceable scalpol blade and they have different blade designs so you can get a blade that suits you for the job your doing. for a guy that puts up a lot of fur they would be well worth while not having to stop and sharpen a knife that wont stay sharp. one blade should do probably about 5-6 yotes before you would have to replace a blade and the blades are pretty reasonable too.

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Re: cool knife

Postby LeviM » Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:49 pm

They are a good knife. The blades are usually good for 2 coyotes, they seem to dull fast
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Re: cool knife

Postby Tim Anderson » Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:14 am

Been useing one for a few seasons now, was about ready to give up on them just as soon as my blade supply ran out..
Been messing around trying to find something I can re-sharpen the blade with and came up with two things finally that will help get a little more life out of the blade before I have to trash it..
Anyway I found that a kitchen knife sharpening steel will get a edge back on them so I can skin a few more animals but you need to touch it up as needed.. I also tried a small file and then ran the blade back over the steel before I put it back to work...

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