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Patch-out wipe-out.

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Patch-out wipe-out.

Postby Tim Anderson » Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:22 am

I had a few issues with two of my hot-rod rifles this season (cartridges close to over bore) a 17 Pred. and my 20X47 Lapua.. I was haveing some carbon fouling problems which affects accuracy over a long period of time... Anyway i tried some new products this year and I seemed to have found a pretty good product for cleaning out the barrels

I started useing Wipe-out patch-out in the liguid form for removeing copper and burned powder and found this product gets the job done pretty quick in my rifles with no bore brush needed, just wet and dry patches..
If in a hurry to get a rifle cleaned up or has a little more copper fouling than normal then you can use wipe-out patch-out with wipe-out accelerator which speeds up the cleaning process.. Both products used together seem to work pretty fast and once again no bore brush needed...
I found with any of the hot-rod cal. with large case small bore dia. like my 17 Pred., 20X47 Lapua, and also my 22-250 ackley over time you will get a big build up of carbon and at some point in time if you don't get it all out it will affect accuracy.
You can get by with not getting all the carbon out but it just builds back up that much faster and makes cleaning a real chor as I found out this winter when testing this product.. Another issue with the carbon is the more you shoot the more the bullets pack or layers the stuff in the barrel makeing it tuff to get out and another issue is when takeing your rifle out into damp weather or leaveing it in the truck over night, the carbon will get damp some but then will dry out and get hard or when you fire the rifle it will just get packed in more between the rifleing.

Carbon. For removeing carbon I've tried alot of the products out there cept for a few new ones that just came on the market and no matter which ones I use its still a choir to get the carbon all the way out. Sea-foam engine tuner or trans. tunner seems to work pretty good but you still have to use a bore brush and alot elbow grease..

Wipe-out also has a product called "Carb-out" so I gave this product a try as well.. I found you will still need to follow up with a bore brush and also alot of elbow grease to get the carbon out but find that it helps to remove more of it at one time compared to other methods or products tried... You need to keep in mind that the barrels that I tested this product on were very dirty or had a major build up of carbon so more work was required to get back down to bare metal.. From what I was told by others once I get back down to the bare metal clean up should go along much quicker after that as long as you don't get behind in your bore cleaning..

They also have one other product out called " Maxx Mil-spec lubricant which I feel would be a good lube for you guys shooting the AR's..
To me it looks and feels simular to the FP-10 thats out there and should do the same or give same results.. FP-10 is what I used in my AR when I had one, good stuff for cold weather shooting...
There are no strong odors and its suppose to be barrel safe so if you want to leave a barrel soak over night you can.
Over-all I like this product so far, easey to use and seems to get the job done just like other products used but a little quicker and in most cases you don't need a bore brush so I plan to stick with it for now..
Two ways to find out if a bore cleaner is doing its job is to check with Sweets copper remover and also by running a bore brush through a wet barrel and then follow up with a wet patch. This will tell the story of weither or not the cleaner you use is working..

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