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Be Safe Out There!!!!

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Be Safe Out There!!!!

Postby Dcoy » Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:24 pm

The 'hills' I live in have no river systems that drain them,are full of lakes n sloughs AND springs.Some springs are underwater and it's a rare year I don't have a close call while coyote hunting.What's safe one day,may not be the next.Throw in this weird,warm winter and it's really a concern.
This AM my friend n I head across a slough I've crossed many times,once about a month ago.I'm in the lead and he's almost in my footsteps behind me when I hear a shout n splash.
Fortunately as the tracks hopefully show I was able to get around to the 'safe' side,eject the cartridge in the chamber and use my rifle to reach to him.I held onto the suppressor n was able to get the stock n end of sling to him and all ended well.(except for his phone n gear)
Also fortunately it was warm and not minus 10 although he was still shaking by time we got back to truck.
Be SAFE out there-particularly with this weird warm weather. The attached video is one I review annually and in fact think I posted it before on this site years ago.'Professor Popsicle' as I call him has a few more videos on the subject worth watching as well.This one is a LIFESAVER!(click on pic to reverse it as usual)
Good hunting!

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