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Riding to Hounds for Coyotes

Coursing means the high speed pursuit of game (or a subsitute for game such as an artificial lure) by a predator hunting primarily by sight. If you have stories, pictures, question or discussions on 'sighthounds' or 'gazehounds' post it here.

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Riding to Hounds for Coyotes

Postby wyojrt » Sun Jul 27, 2008 9:56 am

I'd known about this group, but had forgotten until I read the paper this week....there's a local group that has, I believe, foxhounds that they work. They've won some National titles, I understand. Typically, these are the hounds that the English would ride behing on horses....and the terrier man would take his wee terrier along to get the fox out if it went to ground. These local folks, though, have been riding to coyotes. They work the dogs Wednesdays and Thursdays and invite folks to come along and bring a horse and go for a ride if they'd like. When things slow down for me a bit, I'm thinking of loading up the orange horse and packing the camera. The article only had just so much information, so I can't really elaborate much on anything just yet. Might be a kick in the shorts....
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