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Postby Coyotehunter » Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:03 am

I just wanted to post a couple of thoughts about the site. I am very happy with the group of guys we have that regularly post on the forum. To the new members out there, whether you post on the site or just come by to look at pics and read topics, I am glad you stop by. I do have to say though that this site may not be for everyone. I do try to have some influence on the content of the site. A lot of the predator forums just want numbers and it is a free for all, each man for himself. By controling the content in a sense I control the type of members who visit or use the site. I am really looking for or more to the point I want hunters to be looking for something that reflects their passion and style of coyote hunting. Trapping and snaring, decoy dogs, spring and summer control work for instance just is not covered very well on most forums and the guys who are the experts typically have no proof of thier methods actually producing numbers or results. I do not want to change my style on how I monitor the site just to get more people on it. I would rather have less members who share my desires and passion for the sport, than 15,000 guys argueing whether or not a 1 1/2 2-coil with hold a coyote or if a .17 HMR is enough gun to kill a coyote. Lots of other sites pound those type of topics to death. You guys all know the list of predator sites on the web these days. Feel free to drop me a line at anytime to give your opinions and thoughts. I will not take offense and at times there may be some one doing drive bys on the site I am not aware of and it is nice to get a heads up. I do not always get a chance to read every thread. Though I do try to get caught up on the weekends. Another trend I am seeing is guys who stop by and make a single post just any o'l were on the site asking for the complete "how To" on coyote hunting in a single thread. Please try to take the time to put your post in an area on the site that reflects the topic. If it is a gun or reloading question then put it in that area of the site. if you are new to hunting coyotes then put your post about how to hunt coyotes in the appropriate area as well. thank you.
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