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Newbee form PA

This is an area for fox: Red, Swift, Kit, Grey...what ever you get a hold of. Calling, Spot and Stalk, Pics. Share your experiences Fox hunting tips, techniques, and thoughts about Fox hunting here.

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Newbee form PA

Postby Tikka09 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:12 am


I'm from Lancaster, PA and I'm interested in getting into predator hunting . I've got access to what is supposed to be good areas in the lower Pocono Mts. and "coal region". My question is re. electronic calls. I understand that remotes are a plus since the animal will be focused on where the sound is coming from and not the shooter. However, are hand held electronic callers and mouth calls OK when used in conjunction with a motorized decoy at range? I'm looking for a simplified set up to get me started. Also, my buddy and I like to take the occational long shot at crows when we can. What's your take on setting up for the flying rats? :)


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