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Wind in tight cover

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Wind in tight cover

Postby Le Coyote » Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:16 am

One of the biggest problems I seem to be having is getting smelled out before the coyotes are close enough to give me a clear shot when hunting in tight cover.

Where I hunt, they simply will not come out into open fields in the daylight hours with any consistency. The time I have seen it happen they are always extremely wary, sticking to available cover and clearly on their way somewhere else in a hurry. Any calls or sounds made at this time only seem to hurry them along rather then bring them in.

My most successful daytime setups have been finding tight cover spots that have logging or land lines cut out to provide shooting lanes. Problem with this is that if there is any wind at all the dogs seem to stay well out of range until they are down wind of the distress call source (me). I have seen them cross these cut trails(to fast or far for a shot) and forego an easy approach to the sound and instead bust through the brush so they can approach from down wind. The result is that they usually would have to be within 30-40yards before they'd be shootable and they rarely get that close without smell causing a problem. They also seem to really slow down their approach when they think they are getting close to the source which makes it hard not to get busted. I take the usual precautions for scent reduction.

I'm thinking of getting a remote call and trying to put myself between it and the coyotes with regard to the wind. Do you guys think this might work? How far apart should the call and I be? Any other suggestions.

Edit: I should mention that we can't night hunt here. Judging by the activity level and reduced wariness I have seen during scouting/locating I am pretty sure we would just sneak up to a good field and get them pretty easily in the dark. But, ya work with what ya got!!

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Re: Wind in tight cover

Postby 2zwudz » Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:57 pm

I also hunt in tight cover here in Illinois and would like to share what took me a long time to figure out. Most coyote hunting techniques that are on many of the DVD and sites are geared toward hunting western coyotes in a bigger more wide open area. What I have found hunting in the timber ( tight cover ) is most shots that present themselves are 100 yds or less and most ( not all ) coyotes will circle down wind the last 40 to 80 yards of its approach. They do this mostly ( not always ) in cover even if its just inside the timbers edge. Very rare will they expose themselves in a open field if they have cover to travel in. Another thing to watch for is your approach to your stand. A coyote can detect your human scent hours after you have walk there. They can also determine which direction the scent is heading. Unbelievable i know but when was the last time you have seen a coyote pick up your scent trail and spook heading your direction, its always away.
I hope this helps

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Re: Wind in tight cover

Postby dpoperngr » Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:13 am

I try to set up 90 degrees to the wind direction and as far as possible from the caller. At least you stand a chance the wind will carry your scent parrallel to and far enough away from his upwind approach.

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Re: Wind in tight cover

Postby Coyotehunter » Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:05 pm

I agree. with a partner I will put a shot gun up wind at least 50 yards down wind of the caller.

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