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Gun and Scope Combination?

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Gun and Scope Combination?

Postby hornslayer22 » Tue Feb 11, 2014 5:38 pm

Hi, I'm new to predator hunting. I want to get more into it. My current rifle is a .243 savage model 10 mounted with a 4.5x14x40 nikon predator scope. I'm shooting reloads, which are 55 grain nosler ballistic tip. The reloads conograph at 4,000 ft/s. I don't want to have thousands of dollars tied up into my gun/scope combination. I guess I was wondering what would be a better scope and what power. I don't know if I like the reticles in the nikon. I'm hunting in North Dakota. Any help would be great! I seem to like the gun but, I don't know about the scope, just wondering what would be recommended?

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Re: Gun and Scope Combination?

Postby Tim Anderson » Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:02 pm

I had one of the scopes you mentioned, won it in a contest and ended up selling it.. Just bought another one this year, nothing wrong with them, just have to get used to it. For siting in try to find a bull's-eye target with the same size circle at 100 yds, pretty simple to get dialed in. Nikon also has a bullet drop comp. so you can figure out where you need to zero a certain cartridge bullet combo to get it to work at most ranges.. As far as shooting at coyotes just imagine the circle is one big dot, just center the dot/circle behind coyotes shoulder rather than trying to align center of circle on where you want to hit.. As far as other scope a Leupold 4-14 var. works well, or even a fixed 10X
good luck..

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