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Any Success?

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Re: Any Success?

Postby Red Fox » Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:14 am

Well the season is underway and again I am looking for more info and came across this site looking for more information. I do have an idea that may be worth some thought. Think of it as bowhunting big whitetail here in Minnesota. Rattling does'nt work real well if the buck to do ratio is out of whack. One buck that is older is not worried about does if he has little competion. The coyote in the area your in is there ample food availible? The numbers? Do they normally ecounter stangers? Think of it as home school kids vs public school. One has been exposed to others more than the other. Why would they come in if the food is here and I am not used to strangers? Just food for thought.

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