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Any one in Central AZ want to teach me?

All you new guys who are just getting into coyote hunting, put your posts in this area. Lots of good information that would be helpful before putting up a post asking for the "how to" manual on calling.

Any one in Central AZ want to teach me?

Postby udaman » Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:41 pm

Hi Guys! I am new to coyote hunting and new to this board. I have gleaned a lot of useful info by reading a lot of posts. I looked through the membership files and only found one other person from AZ. If there is anybody out there that would like to help me out and get me started on the right foot? I live right between Phoenix and Tucson if that helps. Let know! Thanks.

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Re: Any one in Central AZ want to teach me?

Postby Tbush » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:15 am

I hunted your area a few years ago.had some luck in the thicker cactus but better luck west in more open areas. we did alot of just park the truck and walk in 100 to 500 yds and call semi open flats and stayed more on the base of mnts than up in them. and around live stock. And some of the washes by Red Rock and NE closer to hwy 79(the ones peolple can't drive up) were good, easy walking ,easy to find fresh tracks etc... Good luck
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