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Wolves In Minnesota

The Gray Wolf (Canis Lupus) is the most widely distributed large carnivore in the northern hemisphere.

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Re: Wolves In Minnesota

Postby bucksnbears » Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:36 pm

had to work outta town today. on the way home i took some backroads. was driving down a fairly muddy prairie trail and seen big tracks come up on the road . moose!!!!!!. havn't seen one in this area for a coupla years. the moose was running and 1/2 way down the road more tracks...fricken wolves!!!!!!!. looked to be an adult pair and 2-3 pups. the tracks were easy to follow in the mud. finally the moose bailed into a cornfield. musta been a bull as there was quite a swath going in. i circled the section and did not see any tracks coming out so i'm guessing.......????????? i really wanted to go back and follow the trail into the corn but got an uneasy feeling about it before i started to pretty sure theres a dead moose in there. i think i know who own the field so am gonna talk to him and see what he finds come harvest. just told the story to a friend that has relitives in the area an they claim to have seen them big wolf tracks. this is only about 7-8 miles from the red river :shock: -this is in the same area where i seen wolf track all last winter while coyote :wink: hunting.they lived in various standing cornfields. sly bastards
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