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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:14 pm
by Prairie Ghost
I would first like to say that there was a good time had by all! I want thank everyone for coming out we had a GREAT bunch of guys show up for the hunt and competition was tough. The caliber of the teams at this hunt was impressive to say the least. We would first like to thank DPMS and Steve from DPMS for making it out to the hunt your expertise on AR's and tactical rifles in generel was greatly received and we're thankful. We would like to thank Olympic Arms you have been a great asset to the hunts. We would also like to thank FOXPRO, Mark Zepp, Sierra Bullets, the Mandan/Bismarck Convention and Vistors Bureau, Seven Seas Best Western Motel for letting us run the hunt at your location,

Big Dog on day one=weighed 38lb,6oz and went to Jason and Dan Arnson=$142.50

Big Dog on day two= weighed 39lb,4oz first time ever in history a tie between two teams and went to Troy Johnson, Shawn Borneman/ Troy Sand, Scott Larson=$71.25 each

Little dog on day one= 17lb10oz and went to Brad Staiger, Ryan Albin=$142.50

Little dog on day two= 24lb6oz and went to John and Joe Bertolotto=$142.50

After one and a half days of gruelling hunting the results are as follows:

10th Place - 2 Coyotes-Dennis Moritz, Shelden Snyder=$19.00

9th Place-2 Coyotes by 4 min Brad Staiger, Ryan Albin=$28.50

8th Place- 3 coyotes Gary Will, Kevin Hertz=$38.00

7th Place 3 coyotes by 21 min Troy Johnson, Shawn Borneman=$47.50

6th Place 3 coyotes by 36 min Nick Nielsen, Kurry Delparte=$57.00

5th Place 4 Coyotes Jason and Dan Arnson=$76.00

4th Place 5 Coyotes Darrin and Larissa Schneider=$114.00

3rd Place 6 Coyotes Marty Oyloe, Mitch Kvernum=$142.50 plus elected to pay the higher entry fee which got them an additional $280 for a total of $422.50

2nd Place 7 Coyotes John Powell, Scott Katus=$190.00 plus elected to pay the higher entry fee which got them an additional $420 for a total of $610.00

and the returning champions show up to defend the title

1st Place with and impressive 11 coyotes John and Joe Bertolotto.= $237.50 plus they elected to pay the higher entry fee which got tem an additional $700 for a total of $937.50

Every single person left with a door prise from one of our gratious sponsors plus we had additional "large door prises" given my Olmpic Arms, DPMS and FOXPRO

The winners of the "Large" door prises were

A DPMS Upper in a .223 was Vance Schock

A DPMS Upper in a .22 was Jason Schneider

A FOXPRO Firestorm was Dennis Moritz

A FOXPRO Firstorm was Chad Woehl

An Olympic Arms full AR-15 in 22-250 was Joe Berolotto

An Olympic Arms full AR-15 in 22-250 was Jason Schneider

Again thanks to all of our sponsors and and a special thanks to Steve from DPMS and Derek Dombeck, Jason Schmidt for Sunday night converstation we had a blast!!!!!


PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 8:41 pm
by Jeck
Congrats John and Joe! Nice job on the repeat! And congrats to all the other placers.

We were unable to hunt this tourney this year... but made it last year. I know we made this suggestion last year, and after seeing these payouts, I still think it would be a lot better to pay out maybe 1 spot for every 4 teams. So, if there are 20 teams, it would pay out to 5th place. $19 for 10th place... it doesnt seem like that is worth the time it takes for Jamie to write the check and mail it out. Just a suggestion. I am curious what others think?

Once again, congrats... and it looks like there were some nice prizes. I am looking forward to the Classic this year.


PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:43 pm
by Prairie Ghost
We have gone over this time and time again and switched back and forth but it should always come down to the trophies and bragging rights not the money. We are always discussing changes and taking suggestions and yours will be noted Jeck thanks for the input. By the way where were you this weekend???


PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:29 am
by lyonch
Congrats to all!! Looks like day two was the day to kill coyotes!!