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2006 4th Coyote Classic results

PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2006 6:37 am
by Coyotehunter
News Release . . . For Immediate Release . . . Jan. 18, 2006


Another successful Coyote Classic has come and gone. Unlike last year's record cold temperatures, the weather for the 4th Annual North Dakota Coyote Classic, sponsored by, was considered a heat wave with a high of 57 deg. Hosted at the Days Inn and Grand Dakota Lodge in Dickinson, North Dakota January 12-14, 2006, this tournament offered over $7000 in cash and prizes, with an additional $500.00 added money from The Calcutta auction headed up by Big E Auctioneering generated an additional $2160.00 of which a portion of the proceeds were donated to the United Way of Dickinson, ND.

Unlike most coyote tournaments hosted throughout the state, this year's Coyote Classic offered hunters an opportunity to learn about hunting and calling coyotes from Walt Earl of, from Judith Gap, Montana, The Coyote Doctors, Paul Drayton, Merris Miller and Mendel Miller from MD Outdoor Adventures and Merv Griswold of Go to for tournament pictures and final tournament results.

The tournament offered prize money and plaques to the teams that brought in the most number of coyotes in two days. Cash prizes were awarded both Friday and Saturday for the largest and smallest coyotes brought in by the 33 two-man teams. This style of tournament, expert lecturers, Calcutta auction, added money and door prizes is one-of-a-kind in the state of North Dakota.

The largest coyote shot on Friday weighed in at 38 lbs, and was taken by father-son team, Tom and Matt Benjamin. The smallest dog for day one weighed 22.7 lbs, and was taken by Kasey Anderson and Kenzie Palczewski. The largest coyote taken Saturday was brought in by Russ Barkeim and Mike Murken, and it weighed in at 34.15 lbs. Tom and Matt Benjamin took the prize again on Saturday, this time for the smallest dog, weighing 21.9 lbs. These teams split $840 for the big dog/little dog contest.

Most of the teams saw at least some coyote action at this year's event. Sixty-six of the best coyote hunters around checked in 61 coyotes, up from last year when 45 coyotes were brought in. The top five teams split purses totaling $6203.00. First place this year went to Tom and Matt Benjamin who brought in a total of 6 coyotes they were awarded $1247.00, Desert Shadow Camo, Dakota Custom Calls and coyote-head trophies. Their team was bought in the Calcutta by Jamie P. Olson, and he won $972.00. Second place, went to Mike and Aaron Anderson for bringing in 5 coyotes with winnings of $1,040.00, Desert Shadow Camo, Dakota Custom Calls and plaques. Denver and Quentin Kitson bought the Anderson father-son team, and their Calcutta earnings paid back $583.00. National Champions Joe Garvin and Kevin Cook won third place with 5 coyotes, awarding them $832.00, Desert Shadow Camo, Dakota Custom Calls and plaques plus an additional $100 from They bought their own team at Thursday nights Calcutta auction, and it paid $389.00. Fourth place went to Keith Baer and Dennis Troftgruben with five coyotes (and 1 bobcat). Fourth place put their winnings at $624.00 and plaques. Fifth place winners were Gary and Chuck Riedman with 4 dogs. They won $416.00 and plaques., would like to thank Amy Braun and Terri Thiel of the Dickinson Convention and Visitors Bureau for all their hard work. A special thanks to the following- Jason and Julie Erickson and my wife Jody Olson for all the hard work they did running the tournament; Walt Earl with; Travis Osmond with Kings Desert Shadow Camo of Hunting Illustrated; Ed Binstock of Big E Auctioneering; Jeff Rheborg of Varmint Hunter Association; and the Days Inn and Grand Dakota Lodge of Dickinson, ND. Thanks also to Pine Valley Trophy for their original coyote-skull trophies and Dakota Custom Calls handcrafted by Derek Peterson. Thanks to all the contributors and sponsors: Cabellas, Tally Ho, Shooting Chrony Inc., Major Boddikers Crit-R Calls, Don Laubach with E.L.K. Inc., Tom Ward from Dakota Yote, Advanced Decoy Research, Inc., Desert Shadow Camo, Hunting Illustrated, Merv Griswold, Jerry Hunsley maker of Wiley One Predator calls and Max Lorge from

We would like to thank all of you for your help and support, setting up booths, giving seminars, advertisement and donating doors prizes. And special thanks again this year to all the hunters who continue to support this annual event. We hope to see you all again next year.

Re: 2006 4th Coyote Classic results

PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:12 pm
by Coyotehunter
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2nd place

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3rd place

4th Place

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5th place

Re: 2006 4th Coyote Classic results

PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:41 pm
by Coyotehunter
thanks for all the great seminars

Walt Earl SR.

Mendel Miller

Merris Miller

Paul Drayton

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Merv Griswold

Brad and Jamie taking pointers from last years classic champion Keven Swanke.jpg