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Fur Price

Who was the buyer, animal type, average paid?

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Re: Fur Price

Postby Tim Anderson » Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:56 am

You have to keep in mind Scott has other ways of makeing money, he buys deer hides ( largest buyer and seller in the Midwest) he also sells bait for bait shops and has private parties he sells fur to and also the auctions.
Since Scott has other income he can afford to sit on the furs till the market gets a little better, kinda like investing in the stock market, buy when stuff is low and then sit on it for some time and then sell high...
I told Scott i was going to hunt a little more at home and maybe take another trip west.. He said leave the coyotes at home alone and go west if i can, he said he would be more than willing to buy the better furs..
Another thing you must keep in mind is i graded the furs before i took them up to Scott, we lost about half of them do to fur damage from mange, mites and big rifles.. I only sold the best of what we had due to the low prices and they don't want damaged goods..
The guy that put my furs up did a great job, they looked like a million bucks..LOL

I also asked a few questions this year about finished fur, like removeing the cartilage from the ears. Scott said it don't matter if you leave it or remove it.
Use of stretchers: wood or wire. Scott said that some of the fur buyers prefer wire over wooden stretchers the reason being is the hide can get burned on wooden stretchers. This applies mainly to coyotes, wolves, wolverines, rats, and coons.. Mink , fox, and cats canbe put up,on wooden and won't damage the hides...
This is just one fur buyers opinion and others may differ...Tim A.

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