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Ya'll can blame cuts crooked

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Ya'll can blame cuts crooked

Postby alleyyooper » Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:31 am

I found this site and was reading some of the post and see cuts crooked is a member here and since I like his post on another site about hunting coyotes I figured it has to be a pretty good place.
I just received in yesterdays mail my New ICOtec GC350 which I am also going to place part of the blame for buying it on cuts crooked, he did such a nice review on it.
I would like to add a bit to that review. The SD card that came in mine appears to be 512MB for 24 sounds, I am not sure even a 2 GB card would be worth buying as the remote only has 12 buttons and 2 modes for more sounds.
I found out this morning I couldn't just shove the remote in my pocket with the antenna down as a button will get hit and I had a flock of geese flying about sound going. Better to use the lynard and hang around the neck.
I had read reviews and some whined that the screws for the battery covers was real small and you need a eye glass repair kit screw driver. Poppy cock I used a Phillips driver on my multa tool to remove the covers and ya can't drop the screws without the cover going to as the screws are molded to the covers.
Also read the volume was not loud enough. Also poppy cock for east of the Mississippi any way. It has plenty of volume way more than I normally call coyotes with. most places east of the Mississippi Your not trying to call a coyote from miles away most times 300 yards from a wood lot or swale to a fence line is about it.

No I do not live in Michigan's UP just have a deer camp up there and go up to walleye fish there a lot.

:mrgreen: Al

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Re: Ya'll can blame cuts crooked

Postby Coyotehunter » Wed Jun 01, 2016 6:49 pm

I talked with those guys last year. Sounds like they make or at least at some point used to make ecallers for several different call manufacturers. Sounded like somebody to stuck them with a bunch of parts that they didn't pay for, so lemons into lemonade I guess. They decided to take some of those leftover parts that they didn't get paid for and build their own ecallers.

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