Buttes, Coulees, Thunderclouds and Sunrises Whitney Road to McGuffey Lane to the Blue Goose Café


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On a forty acre farm run by my grandparents, Erwin and Pauline Zepp, I got my first taste of the outdoors. Most of my earliest childhood memories occurred there, off of Whitney Road in Wellington, OH. It was 1968. I got my first BB gun, shot my first .22 rifle, ran a trap line which consisted of a half dozen mouse traps, fished and made “fortresses” in the hay mallow with my brother, Charlie. It’s hard to know the who, what, when, where and why when it comes to influencing a kid, but that 40 acre farm certainly impacted my life and I am forever grateful to my grandparents and folks for providing me with the opportunities on that little piece of ground.

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