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Blood Tracking Lights: Best in the Business

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Blood Tracking Lights: Best in the Business

Postby thaechten » Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:01 pm

I've spent hundreds of dollars on blood tracking lights, trying to find a good one I can rely on. I'd like to hear some opinions on what works for you guys and I'll share some supplementary information on what I've found through my journey.

Here recently I found a good one that has blood tracking mode and illumination mode. The blood tracking mode allows the red wavelength to come through and filters other colors out, making blood pop out. The illumination mode is a white light used in advertising to bring out the color in things. I did a lot of research on lights, trying to find the best out there regardless of price. I've spent from $10-$100 on a single light and my final recommendation landed near the middle. Coming in at $39.99, the Outrigger Outdoors Blood hound Blood Tracking light is the best I've found so far. It also has a flood/zoom feature where it can light up a nearby large area as well as zoom in to shine over 100 yards. You can get them here: https://outriggeroutdoors.com/products/ ... king-light

Has anyone else had good luck with any blood tracking lights? I've got quite the collection currently and would like to hear other peoples opinions. I hope this thread will help prevent someone like me from wasting a bunch of money on junk!!

List your lights here!

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