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Coursing means the high speed pursuit of game (or a subsitute for game such as an artificial lure) by a predator hunting primarily by sight. If you have stories, pictures, question or discussions on 'sighthounds' or 'gazehounds' post it here.

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Re: added a new member..

Postby Tim Anderson » Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:45 pm

Its been a long hard road but I think I'm finally there.. I lost my Lucy dog this week to a car running her over and killing her on the spot but I also have some good news. My two eight month old pups Uno and Max have finally turned it on thanks to Lucy and sally's help and they finally made a catch today. I had the wife along and she was over joyed as she spent a lot of her free time with these pups as well bringing them up from when first born.. Image

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