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For those of you who are new to this site, we warmly welcome you.

If you are looking for helpful Coyote Hunting tips, Tips on putting up fur, reloading Tips, Coyote calling, Coyote trapping and snaring coyotes, look no further. Welcome to a community of people who are doing that every day with proven results. If you want access to the most comprehensive list of upcoming events for coyote hunting, look no further. For all these things and more, you've found your new home.

We encourage you to take a few moments to register on the forums and in the store. We'll send regular updates on events and special savings on top predator hunting products.

Here, you will find Our Online Store has our coyote hunting caps and T-shirts that make great gifts for yourself, your family, friends and everyone on your shopping list.

Look to the Calendar of Events for information concerning upcoming tournaments, seminars, and conventions. Again, all events are focused exclusively on coyote hunting. We encourage you to submit flyers and event information for our consideration and inclusion in the calendar of events. In our efforts to offer the most reliable information and steer visitors to the best experiences possible, we will screen postings for content and perceived event quality. Talk Forums are a great place to learn Coyote Hunting Tips , and to gain valuable insight from bona fide coyote hunting experts. The forums have been active for more than 11 years and we've spent a great deal of time shaping the content of the forums while eliminating distracting content (name-calling, chest-pounding and ads for off-topic web sites and products). Our goal is to maintain the forums as a place to share Coyote Hunting Tips, Coyote Hunting stories, Coyote Hunting Video and Coyote Hunting photos, ask questions, and exchange ideas.

What separates this site from the other coyote Hunting chat and talk forums? Here you will find a devoted group of coyote hunters -- experts and beginners alike. The experts who call this forum home spend their days hunting and trapping coyotes - year-round, day after day. Not only does this add value to the website as a whole, it also gives us an element of credibility that you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. If you want Coyote Hunting Tips this is the place to be.

Feel free to peruse the forums to gain valuable knowledge concerning reloading, a market report with contact information for local fur buyers, and in-depth research papers on predators. Post Coyote Hunting photos from your last hunt, share the play-by-play of the excitement, and stop in to read posts from others in the community.

I would rather get to know all of you over a beer at some small-town bar after having spent a long day out and about coyote hunting. In this day and age, however, we have the opportunity to talk with coyote hunters in Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Minnesota and Texas all at the same time. There is always someone out there coyote hunting even when you can't get out. It's nice to hear their stories and see their pictures even when you are stuck behind your desk. Join our group of coyote hunters and exchange coyote hunting tips.

We are all in this coyote obsession together, and we welcome you to

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