Advertising with offers a wide range of coyote hunting products. If you would like your product carried or showcased on our website, we can put together an ad or combination of ad ideas for you. will have a wide range of new product lines coming in the fall of 2007.

Banner Ads
Banner ads are the most popular forms of website advertising. On each page of our website, we can place your ad on a rotating basis. If you don’t already have a banner ad, our graphic designer can create one for you for a reasonable fee.

Monthly banner ad with a one year contract: $125

Set up fee $50

Please submit your banner ad in the following format:
468×60 pixels
GIF or JPG Format

Small Ads
If you want high exposure at an affordable price, you may want to purchase a small ad. Small ads can simply be your company logo or your business card. It can also be a picture of your item with a brief description, price and phone number. Again, if you need assistance creating a small ad, our graphic designer can create one for you for a reasonable fee.

1-year Small Ad price per month: $100

Please submit your small ad in the following format:
160 pixel width/height max
GIF or JPG Format

Product/Service Review
If you are looking for a great advertising technique with immediate AND long-term returns, you should consider product or service reviews. The web page featuring your product or service will be optimized for long-term search engine performance. Potential buyers can still find your advertisement when searching for your niche product or service long after the review has been posted.

Advertisers of all sorts have performed customer surveys and reviews, and they have proven to offer some of the most reliable sales in advertising. A good review can make a buyer feel confident about their purchase.

* Please note that all products need to be pre-approved by

Product/Service Review: $ 85

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