Zepp’s Kill Pole Howler


It is not just for howling or other great coyote vocalizations like Ki-Yi’s. The Kill Pole Howler makes great rabbit distress and deer distress sounds which are attractive to all predators, coyotes, fox, cats and lions. Free Shipping


Zepp’s Kill Pole Howler

Free Shipping
So many of today’s howlers are difficult to use, require lots of air and are very unforgiving. The Kill Pole is the “perfect” size.
This is the easiest blowing, most forgiving, loudest, most durable, top quality, pure howler I’ve seen in production.
The Kill Pole Howler costs more than many of today’s plastic calls, but like many things in life, it only costs a little bit more to go first class. These top quality howlers are turned one at a time on a CNC machine to ensure an exact, premium quality, precision made killing tool.

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