Zepp’s 1080


This is the go to call for me year round


If you are thinking of buying this call or just bought it, “Thank you and welcome to the Family.”

Serious coyote hunters always say the same thing to me, “You guys make the best stuff!” .  We aren’t a a big corporately owned duck call or deer call operation looking to cash in on the recent predator calling boom, we simply make calls for predators and predator hunters,  because, like you, we live for one more stand, to catch a glimpse of one more critter, coming to our call and gently squeezing the trigger when the crosshairs are centered.  In one way or another,  I’ve devoted most of my life to this sport and you’ll know that and appreciate it the first time you use this call.

Our Zepp’s 1080 represents an industry best, a very forgiving, easy to blow, loud, open reed call that can be used as a howler, for kiyi’s and all other coyote vocalizations, and it makes every fawn bleat, mouse squeak, rabbit squall and distress sound just a little more believable to the critters.

You’ll love this call!